PXH Stands for PtokaX Direct Connect Hub

  PtokaX is a server-software for the Direct Connect P2P Network.
It's currently in developing by PPK and Ptaczek since May 2002.

PtokaX Forum
PtokaX Wiki

PPK: PPK@PtokaX.org
Ptaczek: Ptaczek@PtokaX.org

aMutex, frontline3k, DirtyFinger, Yoshi, Nev.

Thanx to: (by Ptaczek)
Iceman for RAM and incredible and faithfull help with testing,
PPK for incredible ability to find hidden bugs from very beginning of PtokaX,
Beta-Team for quality work, ideas, suggestions and bugreports,
Opium Volage for LUA forum hosting.


PXH Stands for PtokaX Direct Connect Hub