PXH Stands for PtokaX Direct Connect Hub


PtokaX Direct Connect Hub is a multi-platform server application for Neo-Modus Direct Connect Peer-To-Peer sharing network.

Since 2oo2 PtokaX is a synonym for inovative quality, performance, stability and the elegance of simplicity. The comprehensive user interface, tuned built-in features, scripting-based extendability and rich end-user support makes PtokaX ideal solution for Direct Connect network.

The Project

Started in May 2oo2 by Ptaczek, PtokaX has evolved into a mature, feature rich, stable and widely used server application. Originally proposed as a C++ alternative to the Visual Basic Neo-Modus Direct Connect Hub it's now being used by more than 1000 hub-owners all around the world.
As the first of it's breed PtokaX utilizes ultra-fast crossplatform LUA scripting engine, designed by Tecgraf, the Computer Graphics Technology Group of PUC-Rio (the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil). Soon after first implementation of the LUA engine into the PtokaX's core a forum has been founded. The forum acts as a meeting point for hundreds of scripters, users and other people involved in Direct Connect and PtokaX. It's the starting point for every new user looking for customization, extra features or answers.

The Future

Our goal is to bring quality, rock-solid, up-to-date and free Direct Connect server application to low-end PC world. As long as there will be users, as long as the Direct Connect network will be up and running.

We are always on your side, trying to fulfill your ideas and requests!
Quick Download:
PtokaX with Lua 5.4.4 and SQLite Win64 GUI
PtokaX with Lua 5.4.4 and SQLite Win64 service/console
PtokaX UniX source (various Linuxes, various BSDs, Solaris, illumos, Haiku, Mac OS X)

PtokaX Forum
PtokaX Wiki

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PXH Stands for PtokaX Direct Connect Hub